Engineering Components and SPM

Engineering Components and SPM

With an experience of more than 3 decades we specialize in the Forging, machining, broaching, Heat treatment and building special purpose machines. We ensure to provide quality products to our customer with timely deliverables.  

We are leading supplier of engineering components  and special purpose machines to all the major automobile, agriculture, defence, electrical transmisions, railway, pharmacuetical and construction industries.

We strive to maintain a stringent quality of the components we deliver. We also ensure customer satisfaction through services that exceed expectations. We are critical about quality throughout the process.

Our qualified technocrats manufacture forging and machined components as per customer’s specifications for industrial use. The company also exports forged components in raw, semi-finished or finished stage depending upon requirements of its buyers. We are a fully-fledged forging unit catering to the needs of not only OEM customer’s but also to the part manufacturing units by offering them word class products at very cost-effective prices.


Markets Served


  • Gear Blanks (Forged, heat-treated, machined and broached parts)
  • Housing for Mounting Shock Absorber in Bike (Forged, heat-treated and machined part)
  • Hydraulic fittings for automotive and agriculture industry (forged and machined part)
  • Electrical transmission line components (forged and machined part)
  • Flanges (Forged, Heat treated and machined parts)
  • Construction nuts (forged and machined)
  • Aluminium heat sinks (PDC and machined parts)
  • Aluminium fittings (PDC and machined)
  • Special Purpose machines
    • Gear Deburring machine
    • Tube Sizing and Flaring Machine
    • Gear Noise Tester
    • Welding and Assembly fixtures


  • Forging Line
  • Heat Treatment Facility
  • Casting Line
  • Machining Facility
    • CNC turning
    • Vertical Milling centres
    • Broaching
    • Surface Grinder
    • Cylindrical grinder
    • Jig boring
    • Airless Shot blasting
    • Gear Hobbing
  • Aluminium Pressure die casting line
  • Powder coating
  • Metallurgical lab

Gear Blanks

Suspension Parts

Hydraulic fittings

Pole line Transmissions

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